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Gilad Barakan has established himself as a prominent figure within a new generation of guitar players. At 20, shortly after moving to LA from Jerusalem, he attended Musicians Institute and won the prestigious 'Outstanding Player Award' (awarded once a year to one musician by the great Scott Henderson). The same year he also won 2nd place at the Stanley Clarke competition. 


While studying at Berklee College of Music, he met Spanish producer Javier Limón (Paco de Lucía, Mariza, Buika) and appeared on a few of his albums, most recently on rising Venezuelan star (and 19' Latin Grammy best new artist)  Nella’s debut album ‘Voy’ . Gilad serves as her musical director, plays guitar and often arranges Limón’s music. They are currently on tour promoting her latest album 'Doce Margaritas'.


In the summer of 2021 Gilad and Turkish singer Elif Sanchez (together with Paul Sanchez)  co produced her debut album 'Elif Sanchez'. It is now available on all platforms! And we dare you to say Sanchez one more time!

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