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Gilad Barakan has established himself as a prominent figure within a new generation of guitar players. At 20, shortly after moving to LA from Jerusalem, he attended Musicians Institute and won the prestigious 'Outstanding Player Award' (awarded once a year by the great Scott Henderson). The same year he also won 2nd place at the Stanley Clarke competition. 


While studying at Berklee College of Music, he met Spanish producer Javier Limón (Paco de Lucía, Mariza, Buika, his son) and appeared on a few of his acclaimed albums. More importantly, he began a decade long collaboration with Venezuelan singer Nella (winner of the 2019 Latin Grammy for best new artist). Appearing on her debut album Voy and arranging a few of the songs, Gilad plays guitar and serves as the band’s musical director. The band is currently on tour promoting her latest 2024 album “En Otra Vida”. Gilad plays electric and acoustic guitars throughout the album and produced the song “Viveme”.


Gilad is based in Brooklyn, NY where he's producing music in quite a few languages from his quaint and stylish studio in Bedstuy.


In another part of the world, Gilad and Turkish singer Elif Sanchez (together with master trumpet player Paul Sanchez) co-produced her debut album “Elif Sanchez”. They have kept collaborating since and will soon release more incredible music while vacating in the Mediterranean and eating cag kebabs.


A few countries down the block, Gilad and Serbian singer Tamara Jokic are finishing an album full of Balkan folk gems he produced, infused by some of the best musicians in New York City. Keep your ears open!


Next time you ask Gilad if he plays Jazz or Classical, remember he’ll likely respond by saying “I studied both but I’m more of a world music guy who grew up listening to Pantera”.


Gilad, seen here sporting a cardigan and his custom made Asken electric guitar

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